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Please accept my leave of absence, Thank you!

Marvel Motivation Monday #2

“Just because something works, doesn’t mean it can’t be improved.”  -Shuri(Black Panther)

There is always room for improvment. Nothing is perfect, even the worlds greatest inventions eventually weardown, or some even break, some get old, some aren’t as useful as they once used to be. That’s why we work to improve our technologies, and projest, or some just our daily lives. Some people work to improve our planet, making it healthier and stronger. I’m not saying you should become an activist, all I’m saying is; just because something dosn’t work the first time, dosen’t mean it’ll never work, all it needs is time and improvement.

Imporve your week, by being more efficent and on time!

Heres a challenge: Today(or whenever you see this) tell(or just do random act of kidness) someone random how great they are, or compliment them in a way, to make thier day! Tell me what you did/said in the coments below!

Hero Stories: Vol.3- Nightmare?

I stand there, in a cold dark cave, waiting. I see a light in the distance, green and glowy, I start going towards it, naturally, I try to stop, but I can’t. I approach the light, The light source is a green necklace with a ‘keystone’ attached to it. “Hello?” I say, the echos bounce of the walls, and come back to me. I take the necklace, look at it, examine it, and finally put it on. As soon as I put the necklace on a bright flash of light blinds me. I wake up on my bed, “It was just a nightmare.” I think, then I look down at my hand and see the very necklace I saw in the nightmare.

It was just a nightmare, or was it?


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Marvel Motivation Monday #1

“Heroes are made by the path they choose, not the powers they are graced with.”

–Tony Stark/Iron Man(My Hero)

Every villain is a hero in his own mind, like Thanos he thought he was doing something good for all living things, by deacreasing the population, he was fixing the over population problem, and probally polution too.

You too can be your own hero, all that you need to do is belive, and choose the right path, and eventually you will be able to say: “I am my own hero” and you won’t need anyone.

This quote really means that you don’t need to have powers to be a hero all you need is determination, will, and the right mindset. For exaple: Terry Fox, he didn’t have powers, but he still ran for us, he ran for everyone with Cancer, and he didn’t give up.

So be your own hero this week and get stuff done! Have a wonderful week, and tune in next week for more Marvel Motivation Monday!

Please Listen To This…

So, don’t hate on me it’s just my opinion, but I really don’t understand why people went to go see Avengers: Endgame just because everyone else was talking about it, and they hadn’t even seen any of the other movies. Like, that’s not right, I mean you should have somewhat of an understanding of what has happened so far. After they saw it, people started to think that that was the BSET Marvel movie they have ever seen, but it turns out it was the only one, or one of the few they had seen. Just because it was a great end(which it was.. apart from Tony’s death 😥 ) doesn’t mean you should just say it the greatest movie EVER, I mean to say that you would have to understand what these characters have been through, how they’ve evolved, and how they’ve changed… This movie summed up their stories and created their legacies that will live on forever, and we have to respect that… Some of you might say that they’re not real, they’re fictional, but some of you will understand and will know that they were and ARE so much more than that. So, don’t say its the greatest movie just to get involved, please understand that some people have an emotional attachment, a special connection to the MCU because they believe, and they might not just watch the movies for entertainment, they might watch them for memories, and maybe those memories aren’t the memories of the character in the movie, maybe the memories are thier own. Some people grew up watching Marvel(like me) and have special memories connected to each and every movie. Sometimes movies and their so-called “fictional” characters teach us much more than real people ever can because unlike real people they can open up and tell different parts of their storey because to understand the movie you need a backstory, just like that to understand a person you need a backstory, but you don’t get one in real life, just in movies, this way you learn not to judge a book by its cover. Please don’t hate on me, it’s just my opinion and please respect the marvel culture 🙂

It means a lot to me that you were listening, it dosn’t matter if you care, it’s just that you took the time to read this articale about all the feelings I had cooped up for almost 6 months about this topic, and I’m gonna’ have to be honest I’ve never felt so good or passionate about writing an article like this, it feels good to get thid off my chest, a big relief actually… Thank you!

Hero Stories Vol. 2: The Visions

Every night I go to bed, thinking I can sleep peacefully, but no I can’t. A cold sweat runs down my back, I shiver, I wake up gasping for air, I realize it was just a dream, but its not, I know it’s not. Every night I get visions, dark, cold visions about things I didn’t even know about. I never asked for these visions, I didn’t ask for these powers, Sometimes I wish they would just go away, so I could sleep in peace, but I know that they won’t, no matter how hard I try, or how hard wish, they will never leave my side, ever. I’m stuck with them, it doesn’t matter if I like it, or not, they are there and I can’t control them. I have to, if I want to spend my life in peace, I’ll have to. These powers, this gift it’s controlled by fear, the more I fear it the more it tries to show me, so many possible futures, so many horrific possibilities that I never knew could exist. I’ve been to so many gifted circles to share experiences, and try to find a cure, I’ve been to doctors(none of them helped, and even therapists, I guess they’re a part of me now, I can’t grow out of them, so I might as well grow with them.

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